Some reviews from our lovely audience members at past Rally Comedy line up shows

Had me howling!

Everything was excellent. The comedians had me howling all night!

The best atmosphere

The best thing about tonights show was the atmosphere - it was a really eclectic audience and you could tell anyone was welcome. It felt like a really safe environment where everyone could be themselves without fear of being mocked by other audience members or the comedians. And the acts/compare were really really funny!

Refreshing line up!

No straight white men on the bill! Such a novelty! So refreshing!

A fantastic mix!

Very funny and fantastic mix of comedy, nothing could be improved!

Quality Comedy

I loved the quality of the comedy. All the comedians were excellent and the pace was great. I've been to other comedy clubs and they were ok but felt very rushed.

Can't wait for more!

A great evening of comedy at good value with a variety of comedy and great compare. Can't wait for more events like it in the future =)

Good Pacing

The show had a really good pace. Great to see comedians from minority backgrounds.


I loved every f*cking thing! Absolutely AMAZING <3


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