About Rally Comedy

Rally Comedy is the new face of live stand-up comedy!

We believe you deserve more than a line up of identical men named Dave (no offence, Daves), so we bring incredible award winning comedians from the UK’s diverse and powerfully entertaining comedy scene directly to you. We feature comedians you haven't had the opportunity to see before and we show you just what you've been missing.

At Rally we're here to challenge the comedy norms and prove just how exciting the UK comedy scene is when embraced in all its glory.

We know that sometimes live comedy shows can feel like unwelcoming, aggressive and judgemental spaces. And we know that if you spend the whole show worried that you'll be mocked for being yourself you're not going to enjoy it. So here at Rally Comedy we are doing it differently! We believe everyone should have access to laughter and at Rally Comedy our shows have a welcoming, inclusive and fun atmosphere - for audience members and comedians alike. You can enjoy the hilarity of a live comedy show whilst feeling relaxed enough to be 100% true to your authentic self. At our shows you can be who you truly are and our comedians value your enjoyment and happiness as much as we do. 


We were curious to see which of our favourite acts would appear in a search for 'Comedians UK' on Google. Some brilliant performers came up but we couldn't help thinking they all looked a bit... Same-y.

Check out the Google search results below...


Meet Rally

Rally comedy was co-founded and is run by Miranda Stewart and Alice Robinson.

Between us we have worked on shows at over 18 venues, 11 Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s, 6 cities and 4 Leicester Comedy Festivals. We’ve worked as promoters, programmers, tour managers, production managers, stage managers, box office managers, artist liaisons, production coordinators, theatre technicians, production assistants, events managers and show runners.

Alice Robinson


Miranda Stewart


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